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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is derived from "Homios" and "Pathy". That means similar system where "an illness can be treated by a remedy which when administered to a healthy individual, capable of producing similar illness".

Why Homeopathy is a good alternative to conventional medicine for many conditions like frequent cough & cold?

"Human being is more than some total of its parts". An individual suffering from chronic condition often has emotional stress, inherited genetic tendencies and has poor lifestyle with history of past illnesses. For a proper curative treatment all these are required to be treated. A good Homeopathic treatment will cover all these effectively. In Homeopathy we follow these emphatically and our prescriptions are principally guided by them.

Do you have any side effects in Homeopathy?

There is no toxic effect of Homoeopathic remedies. However in certain individuals it may aggravate an ongoing illness or replay an old illness, from a common perspective these may appear as side effects but these are transient and are completely reversible.

Why does homeopathy take a long time?

It is a myth that homoeopathy is slow acting. Most of the times what happens is the patient comes to us with long history of chronic illness. Therefore the treatment takes time. Homoeopathy is in fact fast acting in acute conditions such as fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, etc.

Do homeopathic medicines have side effects?

Our medicines are energy. They are prepared by serial dilutions and contain no material substance in them. Hence, no side effects.

Why should there be a gap before and after the intake of medicine?

You have to keep the medicine on the tongue so that it comes in contact with the nerves. That is the reason why we say not to eat anything half an hour before or after. So that the tongue has nothing else that will interfere with the absorption of the medicine.

Can homeopathy aggravate your problems?

Rarely after the homoeopathic treatment is given there can be increase in your complaints. There can be two reasons for this. First and the more common reason can be the stopping of pain killers or ointment applications which may have kept your symptoms suppressed for a long time and due to removal of that factor, the complaints will be experienced in its actual intensity. In that case, homoeopathic medicine will gradually bring the whole thing under control. Another possibility is that after the homoeopathic treatment there is slight and short worsening followed by rapid relief. This initial worsening is often the reaction of our body before the cure occurs and is a very good sign. Another reaction that may be noticed during the course of homoeopathic treatment is that your original problems will get better gradually and then some new symptoms may appear. These new problems may indicate that we need to change your medicine and give you something that will cover this new picture and thereby help you in achieving a holistic cure.

What do we do if the complaints recur after stopping homeopathic treatment and what do we do to cure it?

Our medicines are energy. They are prepared by serial dilutions and contain no material substance in them. Hence, no side effects.

What do we need to tell you in follow up?

First and foremost, you need to tell us how you feel in your chief complaint and associated complaint. Here it is very important that while reporting a chief complaint, it is better you also mention the new problems or if you have suffered from the same problem in the past because they indicate that we need to change your medicine/potency. Do mention about your temperament, desires, sleep, dreams and appetite. In mental sphere, we need to know if anything had happened to upset you at home or at your work place, like any quarrel, or some bad news etc. All these symptoms when told in detail, help us to treat you better.

How frequently do we need to see the doctor during the course of treatment?

For chronic complaints one should report to the doctor only after a month but in any acute conditions/emergency, one should get in touch with the doctor immediately.

Can homeopathy and other systems of medicine (ayurvedic/allopathy) be taken together??

We do not advocate the use of Ayurveda and homoeopathy together because both are holistic medicine. Therefore, if you take two together, we don’t know how to evaluate your progress. We will not come to know with which system you are better. Same with the case of allopathy. Also these conventional medicines change the symptoms to such an extent that their original presentation of the symptom is lost, making it difficult to gather enough accurate information to prescribe the correct homoeopathic remedy. The symptoms are the compass that a homoeopath uses to find his way to the right remedy. If you were to take conventional medication to treat symptoms after beginning homoeopathic treatment, you could stop the action of the remedy, rendering it ineffective. Most of the acute conditions are handled well with homoeopathy but in some exceptional conditions, we do advice the patient to take allopathic treatment.

Can diabetic patients take sweet sugar pills?

The amount of sugar present is negligible for it to affect diabetics.

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